Origin: Various Smallholder Farms, Chirinos, Cajamarca


Farmer: Various Smallholder Farms (Regional Select)


Process: Washed


Trade: Café Imports


Tasting Notes: Almonds, Citrus Fruits, Herbal Aftertaste


This coffee is sourced through our coffee importing partner, Café Imports. This is actually a program that was created to highlight unique qualities found within a regional climate, called Regional Select. This coffee is actually a blend of farms from that region, which actually benefits everyone in the area, as they can know their coffee will be purchased. Peru is a coastal country south of Ecuador. It has a very diverse climate sitting with lots of volcanos and mountain ranges. This volcanic soil and vast elevations is a perfect system for high quality coffee to be grown in. We see this in our Peru offerings. We use this coffee for our espresso drinks at our own cafes.

Peru Jaen 12oz

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