Origin: Kiambu, Kenya 


Farmer: Uteuzi Jimbo (Country Select) 


Process: Washed


Trade: Cafe Imports


Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Gala Apple, Bright, Creamy


African coffees are always a crowd favorite and Ethiopian and Tanzanian coffees tend to always land in our offering list. This Kenyan coffee coffee follows right in the footsteps of our African coffee offerings and is a unique and tasty one. This coffee from Kiambu more near the capital city Nairobi, Kenya than most Kenya offerings.  It shines through and showcases what Kenya coffees are supposed to be like. It gives lots of citrus fruits like Grapefruit and lime, plus the soft acidity and high sweetness of gala apples. Not only does it taste good, it’s a very creamy and smooth coffee to drink. This is a rich cup of coffee. 

We get this coffee from Cafe Imports as part of their regional select program. In fact, the “Farm Name” for this coffee is actually the regional select name they’ve choses for it, since “Uteuzi Jimbo” is Swahili for “Country Select”. 

Kenya Kiambu AA 12oz

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